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Haircut and Easter

I got a haircut.

I have mentioned to several people I look like lord farqhuard. I think I do

I have always love my long hair and it's always been long since I can remember.

I cannot stand having people touch my hair so getting a haircut makes my skin crawl and because I have such thick hair, everybody always wants to touch it

I haven't written anything in a while because there's so much going on.

So much that I can't even remember.

I've had some wins and some losses but I suppose that's life.

I saw the new scream movie, and it was a hoot and a half! I love the blood and gore and the stabby stab stuff. You know the jab jab jab. Don't get it confused though, I would hate to be stabbed.

Fall out boys new album slaaaaaaps! so much (for) stardust is a nice change from mania (which was a banging album no matter what anyone says) and l honestly haven't stopped listening to it since it was released. I am my own muse and flu game are my personal favourites and it is in my professional opinion that you check this album out.

Easter was stressful but not cos it had anything to do with Easter. I had an assignment due on Easter Sunday and just as I was finishing it on Saturday, I realised I had another assignment due on Sunday which I hadn't started. I cried and panicked but I knew I had no choice but to power through it. I finished it within 27 hours and I was proud. It might not have been my best work but it brought me peace knowing that I can do something last minute. If I was still doing my speech pathology degree, I would've died.

Yay I got a job as an extra! The last one I did got cancelled last minute so you can imagine my joy when this job pulled through.

I was so intimated. Most of the people there have done many extra roles and I've only done one and they all had so much confidence and I felt so scared.

How cool could it be to be an extra in a movie like Scream, and I could run and scream and fall over and die.

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