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Your license has been suspended

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Guess who had their license suspended without even driving a car?


How does that even happen you ask? Well Service NSW does what they do best and lose vital documents! Thats how.

I wouldn't be so frustrated if this was the first time I had issues with my license, however it is not. It's not the second, the third, or the's the fifth. And that's just to 'receive' my license. I have never been behind the wheel.

This better be the last time I have to deal with service nsw regarding my license or I swear I will have a mental breakdown and my brain (like the titanic) will snap in half.

I was moved to a different area to work in and I honestly felt like a fish out of water. The people who worked there were beyond lovely. They were so lovely that I was almost scared to ask questions and cause them to become irritated and not so lovely. I wasn't being very rational.

The last day was so much more stressful than the first and I had such a weird feeling as I walked away. I knew that I hadn't done something right or messed up a payment or forgot to turn the dishwasher on. I fear these mistakes have made it more difficult for those who work there and if they ever read this, I would like to apologise. I swear I'll do better next time.

I saw Megan last night. It was interesting. It was suspenseful. I felt bad for the dog. I think you should go watch it. You'll get a chuckle out of the dance scene and the titanium scene guaranteed.

Off to Port Macquarie tomorrow! we're going to a wine tasting but it's no ordinary wine tasting. After we've had a few, we proceed to go through a maze. I'm imaging Harry Potter and the goblet of fire meets scream queens. Wow imagine if there is a serial killer hiding in the maze. that would be nuts, however it would be a trip we'd never forget.

My diet has gotten off to a rocky start and I will admit I have slightly fallen off the wagon. Can anyone slightly fall off the wagon though? No, You're either on it or not. I am not on it. This makes me disappointed and I am unhappy with myself. However I have attended a few gym classes and HOLY GUACAMOLE spin classes are next level. I physically could not handle spin class so much that I hopped off my bike and walked out. I was so embarrassed but when I tell you I tried my hardest, you best believe it. I still cannot fathom how the instructors ride the bike and talk at the same time. I decided it would be best if I took a very slow walk on the treadmill instead. I've been to two core and cardio classes. I love them. They absolutely kill me but in the best way. I hate that I do these classes and go home and eat whatever I want but eating sugar is a hard habit to break. Going cold turkey isn't the easiest method and I think I have gone about this "diet" idea the wrong way. In order to succeed, I have to slowly reduce my sugar intake until it becomes considered a 'treat' and there is a mosquito flying next to me as I am writing this and it is really starting to get up my goat. I wonder if mosquitos contain sugar.



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