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T-Swizzle and Dancing

What a better way to end the week than going dancing. My friend and I tried 'The Watershed' in Darling Harbour which is something we've been meaning to do for over a year. It was good! at least for an hour. The music they played was actually good and everyone was singing along. A great mix of 90's, 2000's and 2010's...until they repeated the playlist. What a bummer. Still I would recommend checking it out!

Cargo bar was a vibe but the highlight was watching an empty cup fly across the room and bounce off my friends head. It was a hoot and a half.

Met some French guys...Didn't love the experience. I might explain that story another time.

Moving on, the other day I had a Taylor swift song in my head but I couldn't remember the name of it, only bits and pieces of the chorus. After searching through what seemed to be an endless catalogue I finally found it. It was 'Don't blame me' from her reputation album. I had never listened to the full song and I am glad I finally got to. I then got into her reputation record which was better than I thought it would be. I'm not a major Taylor Swift fan but you have to admit despite her public image, she creates some great, catchy tunes.

Taylor Swift aside, I've been listening to 'The Cab'. Yes, I am aware that they disbanded many many moons ago which makes me very disappointed. There's nothing worse than getting into a band/artist who has already split or is past their prime.

Their album 'Whisper War' is in fact a true jam. Go listen.

Bounce and High Hopes In Velvet have been on repeat and I am not complaining. It's always such a good feeling to add new songs onto your playlist and then playing the hell out of them until you're sick of it and then you take them off your playlist because you cannot stomach the thought of listening to that song ever again. I don't think that is the case here but it's an experience we've all had.

For those of you who have upcoming exams, good luck! You'll nail it :)



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