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Swedish meatballs and Reading

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

In 1969, mankind put a human on the moon. That's incredible. The sheer thought of travelling into space terrifies me but can you imagine how insane it would be?? If anything goes wrong, there's only so many ways to fix it. You can't just come back down to Earth, get it fixed, and then shoot back up into outer space like nothing happened. I am perfectly aware that things have gone awry in the past and people have died but I keep thinking 'What if you had a heart attack?' 'What happens if theres a crack in the window and you lose oxygen so slowly you don't even realise it until you've collapsed and take one slow agonising last breath?'. Those people are brave.

My thoughts about outer space have zero relevance to this post but I decided to share it anyway.

The past week has been pretty groovy and productive.

I did Zumba on Thursday and it was a blast! The instructor was so energetic and pumped up. She is my spirit animal. Nothing could have prepared me for the sore muscles and stiffness I would experience the next day but it was so worth it. I don't tend to smile when exercising but I sure had a smile on my dial as I was grooving to upbeat latin sounds. I highly recommend it to everyone, no matter if you're a dancer or not. Give it a go!

In other news, I read a book. A memoir in fact "None of this rocks" by Joe Trohman (lead guitarist of Fall Out Boy). I really enjoyed it! It was so honest and was written in an authentic voice if that makes sense. I enjoy memoirs and sometimes I don't know whether the person who supposedly wrote it actually wrote it or whether I am being tricked but I choose to believe the first one. I never read books which is sad but I truly struggled to put this book down. I like the sarcastic sense of humour and the genuine tone throughout it all, beginning to end. 10/10

I listened to an episode or two of his podcast a few months ago and I really appreciated its focus on mental health. I don't tend to listen to podcasts as I tend to get bored and doze off but I found this podcast to be quite engaging.

My tapestry from that dodgy site I spoke about in an earlier post arrived today. I suppose it isn't dodgy after all but the quality is pretty average but at least it came! When I say the quality is pretty average, It was pretty bad. It was like the tapestry was a photo of the tapestry I wanted if that makes sense.

Whats better than finishing off a week then a trip to the home of Swedish meatballs: Ikea. I don't have much to say about my trip except as always, the meatballs were delectable. I didn't have any intention to buy something but Ikea is much like Kmart...You always find yourself walking out of the store having bought something. I purchased some lights and a stupid vintage clock that I know I will never use.

I've gotta buy some new sheets to match my new bedroom. A solid white or beige will do, perhaps with a subtle pattern



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