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Not the sharpest tool in the shed

About halfway through my European trip, I lost my camera charger. I was devastated. Enraged. Downright shattered. After coming home and purchasing a new one,

I realised I could've just gone to the nearest electronics store in Europe and bought a new one. I have been editing my vlogs but I cannot navigate my way around an editing program if my life depended on it but I believe my first vlog will be ready to upload sometime this weekend.

Speaking of struggling with technology, I spent half an hour chatting with Ian from Apple Support a few days ago. I was enquiring about why my laptop wasn't recognising another device I had plugged in. We went through a checklist of things and discussed some of the more complicated reasons why this was occurring. I could tell poor Ian was trying his hardest to help me.

As it turns out, I hadn't plugged the chord in all the way into my laptop.

In other news, I'm using a moisturiser that's two years out of date. So far it still does the trick, but the inside of the lid is very yellow which I find concerning. I'll let you know if I develop dermatitis or leprosy.

Just finished my second week of uni and i'm already behind. The first week is always a bludge, filled with ice breakers and pointless discussions about why we chose that particular unit. Some classes are easier to bare than others but my unit Creative Processes is something else. It's odd. I love my performing arts units, they're fun and honestly idiot-proof. That's why i'm alright at it.

As always in the first class, we stand around in a circle saying our name, what we're studying, and our pronouns (yes you read that right)

We walk around the space trying not to crash into each other with our truly lovely tutor feeding us instructions: walk in the other direction, turn around, and finally we all had to walk behind each other in perfect sync to make one consistent beat. I can't help but laugh during these classes. I'm not laughing at anyone in particular but when you look around the room and observe everyone engaging in these activities, it's funny.

Performing these activities, makes it harder to justify why this is my major but at the end of the day, I enjoy it. Some people may think Why would you choose this? What career can come out of this major? I don't have an answer for you except "I like it" and that's good enough for me.

Sometimes I do fear for my future but TTP (That's tomorrows problem). A coworker taught me that abbreviation and I've never forgotten it.

Also does anyone check their emails? or have 16,880 unopened emails like me? My friend freaked out when she the amount of emails I have yet to open. Emails bore me. Like why not just text me? maybe not because I do have over 100 unopened text messages. I reply to the interesting ones though I promise! If I don't reply to your text, you're just not that interesting. That sounded a little harsh. My apologies.

I know you probably don't care about what I've just written but as an adult emails are a part of my life and I feel the need to discuss every single aspect of my life. Well almost every aspect.

Wish me luck going into week 3.



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