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AHHHHH Christmas is almost here???

Sheesh kebab

Where has 2022 gone? Flew by

Man I hate the fact that I don't do blog posts as soon as something interesting happens. I always forget what happened during my week.

I have somewhere important to start though: Waffles. I am not a breakfast eater. Never really have been, however there are exceptions: Bacon, Pancakes, and waffles.

There's one slight problem though. I can't cook. No exaggeration I am physically and mentally incapable of cooking a good meal.

So when I eat breakfast it's because someone else has cooked it for me.

Back to my original point: Waffles! WOOOO did I have some of the greatest waffles I've ever encountered on Sunday morning with my good friend-who-had-a-boring-and-basic-acai-bowl-or-something-like-that.

It was chocolate and peanut butter and a carton full of sugar that was serious foodgasm material.

They had like 5 different waffles to choose from and I tell you what, it was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make in my life.

This was at golly gosh in Mona Vale

I worked with a nun this week. I had never even met a nun before and I was worried about what she may be like because I guess we all have our expectations don't we? I expected her to rock up in the full nun get-up with the long dress and head thing, but no. She wore regular clothes.

She was a lovely and genuine woman and I really appreciated all of her help

Her and I chatted until the cows came home. We seriously hit it off! The amount of knowledge I gained by simply being in conversation with her was astronomical and I think she felt the same way about me teaching her.

She taught me about the church, her family, her experiences with being a nun, and her life up until this point. I thought we were going to be as different as chalk and cheese and to tell you the truth I was disappointed when I was told that I would be working with a nun (or 'sister' as they are sometimes referred to as). Not because of her job/lifestyle but because the basic job I was doing I wanted to do alone. I simply wanted to be in a quiet office by myself with my Christmas music blasting. I'm glad that didn't happen.

Not only did I learn from sister Jane (Let's just call her Jane to protect her privacy) I learnt that sometimes when you think you've got it all down pat, you still need help.

YOOOOO Etsy is seriously my best friend. I have bought three Christmas gifts from there over the past few weeks and they've all arrived in time! I could spend hours looking through their stuff and I love the opportunity to support a small business. Boy do I want to list the things I have bought but I can't give away any surprises. I'll write about them after Christmas and you could perhaps receive some inspiration for next Christmas.

I don't know if other families do this, but mine sort of just know what they're getting for Christmas. We request it, someone buys it, everyone's happy! But I've got a few surprises up my sleeve this year, not only for family but for friends too.

This may sound bad but the things I have bought are cheap! Well maybe cheap isn't the right word but they're 'not expensive' and that is the beauty of Etsy. I finish work early today so I'll be sure to utilise my time and spend a few essential hours on Etsy having a browse.

Also I'm going to Port Macquarie next month. Yoohoo road trip. beep beep



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