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Gold Coast and Dula Peep

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Okay where to start...

These last few weeks have been full on and although broke, I am beaming!

Lets start with my trip to the Gold Coast shall we?

No no I better start with Tuesday night.

I got home from work at about 2 in the afternoon and shortly after received a message from Jacqui asking me if I wanted to go to Dua Lipa that night and of course I said yes! We had to pull our act together in a short amount of time but we made it there. We even made some new friends waiting in line to get in. We had about the worst seats you could possibly imagine but it didn't matter. I was there with my best friend having a great time, that's what mattered. Their was a small platform right behind our seats where we stood on to have a boogie. As it turns out, Jacqui and I are apparently trendsetters and other people in our row decided to join us on the platform. This caught the eye of an incredibly hostile and uptight security guard came to tell us to go back to our seats. This was incredibly infuriating as the platform was further behind us than our seats so technically speaking it was in an even worse place than our original seats and it's not like we climbed the railing into an entirely different section with a better view. It gets worse. After we sat back down, a few girls came over to the platform and had a wonderful night dancing on the platform, they did not get caught and they had a ball. Jacqui and I couldn't risk getting back up there, who knows what the security guard would have done.

It was a great night.

On Friday, myself and two friends set off for a weekend of fun in Queensland's Gold Coast. This was to celebrate my 21st birthday. Instead of saving time and energy by flying straight from Sydney to the Gold Coast, my wise friends decided it would be a much better decision to save a few bucks and wake up at 5 (while it was still dark outside) drive to the airport for a 7:30 flight to BRISBANE (Yes the city that is further away from our destination) then proceed to catch an hour and a half train ride, wait for the bus, get on the bus, wait for the tram, get on the tram, and then walk to our accomodation. I love my friends but that travel plan was the dumbest idea since the discontinuation of smarties push up ice creams. I was asked to reserve time in our holiday for studying for the upcoming uni exams. Which of course I did. Do you think much study was done? no. That's not entirely fair, one of them studied. The other not so much. The plan was to utilise our train time to study but naturally that was used to watch irrelevant Tik Toks instead.

Once arrived we headed to sushi train. It's no secret I am not the most cultured person especially when it comes to international dishes. So of course I had the finest selection of fried chicken, a chocolate mousse, and some dumplings too. We then ventured off down the road for some shopping and we stumbled across a very determined young sales man who was selling tickets to a nightclub crawl and best of all, it wasn't a scam. I thought it would've been. Now this bloke was beyond insistent. He used every single marketing skill ever invented and you know what? although cringe and annoying, it worked. I've got to give him credit he knows what he's doing.

They're a bit odd on the Gold Coast. They started their clubbing at 6:30 pm. In Sydney, nothing is open or popping off until 10 at the earliest. By the time we finished, it was like 11 or 12.

Where we stayed was wonderful! We stayed in an air bib which was an apartment with an incredible view of the beach, A balcony, two bedrooms, three beds, and two bathrooms. The resort also had a pool which was great. I shoved Jacqui in the pool. It was hilarious. She didn't share this opinion.

If you're looking for something to do on the Gold Coast that's slightly different, attempt one of their escape rooms at padlockd. They have various themes with varying degrees of difficulty. The problem is that I am not good at escape rooms. I am not in any way an analytical person and I for sure cannot solve puzzles quickly or sometimes, at all. What was suppose to be a fun activity actually triggered a lot of insecurities for me. Now that's not to say it was a bad activity or I didn't have fun but I haven't been that embarrassed in a long time. It was so blatantly obvious I had no idea what I was doing as I just sort of stood there in complete silence. I became extremely passive and immediately fell into a 'follower' role. In one of the rooms, we had to eat jelly beans and that was the only thing I was good at. My brain just doesn't work in the same way theirs does I suppose. We all have our talents and skills and I can safely say none of mine involve numbers or attention to detail. I'm much better at working with words than numerals. My friends seemed to enjoy it though which was great. Our holiday should include something for all of us and I think they really thrived in this activity. We did three in total: A carnival theme, A magic theme, and a classic spy mission theme. The only one we didn't finish in time was the carnival theme, it was a toughie! Nevertheless, we receive badges after each escape room and Jacqui was beyond determined to earn the badge for finishing the escape room in under half an hour. So of course we chose an easy level one. That woman was on a mission! She ran into that room, flipped tables, and was an overall frantic mess as we tried to complete the first task: Turn on the lights. We calmed down a little after that.

Devastation struck as we finished the escape room with 28 minutes to go. We were so so close to receiving the badge but I suppose it gives us an excuse to go back.

One of my favourite parts was getting all dressed up and heading out to dinner. I love taking a chance to do my hair and makeup nice and pop on a cute dress. We were a little overdressed for where we ended up eating, but you know you just have to own it.

And just like any tourist, we went to movie world. Always a cute day out.

We made a few mistakes on this holiday but we all learnt from them.

For instance:

  • Don't go to Movie world on the weekend, its annoyingly busy (This was a rookie mistake I know)

  • Spend a week there rather than a weekend (Theres a lot more to do than you realise)

  • Take the time to make breakfast or any meal in your apartment and enjoy it sitting at the table provided for you on the balcony and soak in the view.

  • Bring at least seven pairs of shoes (A pair for every occasion/activity)

  • And for goodness sake just get the plane directly to the Gold Coast. (Imagine the travel time you'll save)

There was originally meant to be four compadres however, our fourth unfortunately couldn't make the trip and I can safely say it wasn't the same without her. Not only do we love her dearly, we love her time management skills. We needed these skills.



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