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Fresh Music and Moulin Rouge

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

I saw Moulin Rouge last night at the capitol theatre and I thought it was wonderful. My goodness the set was just dynamic and the choreography was superb. In all honestly, I didn't enjoy the first 15 minutes after the opening number and I was disappointed however as the show went on I begun to really enjoy it. The costumes were so gorgeous and the burlesque dancers did a fantastic job and to tell you the truth I've been inspired to take up dance classes but I'm not having any luck finding beginner burlesque classes near me but I might give hip hop a go. I've always wanted to do Hip Hop and it's never too late to try something new.

I didn't realise the musical involved covers of songs such as Firework by Katy Perry and medleys of Madonna and Beyonce. I really disliked some of the covers and I thought it was going to ruin the whole musical but the rest of the performance really pulled through

When incorporating covers into a musical it can really be hit or miss. The musical is set in 1800's France and as you can guess, Sia's iconic hits don't really fit the bill. The 70's and 80's songs they performed worked so much better but the more modern stuff had me slightly cringing. At time's it made the musical disjointed and left me confused. At these times, It reminded me of 2021's Cinderella with Camilla Cabello as the protagonist. Now that was a movie I struggled to finish.

I really commend them on their Bad Romance performance, it was a great start to the second half and they had so much energy! I would love to be able to do something like that if I had the confidence and to an extent, talent.

Overall, I give Moulin Rouge an 8/10. Well done!

I also tried Tapas for the first time which was interesting and I discovered I don't like Sangria. Yucky.

In other news, I have some thoughts on Panic at the disco's new album: Viva Las Vengeance. Overall, I dug the 70's vibe but it's definitely not my favourite P!ATD record. I absolutely love the title track Viva las vengeance and I enjoyed Don't let the light go out but I think I may have to give the other songs a second or third listen to appreciate them. I disliked Middle of a breakup at first based on lyrics and I thought the music video was overly cheesy but you know what, after a few go's it's not so bad. Overall, I still have high hopes (Pun intended) for this album.

I've seen some other people's opinions and they seem to be mixed. In general, people don't like when artist evolves and changes their sound which I understand but it would be embarrassing for these artists to create the same songs and perform the same genre over and over. You may not believe me but I can almost guarantee you that you would dislike Panic at the disco's attempt to re-create their earlier music such as A fever you can't sweat out (Which I will always have a soft spot for). It just would not be the same. We will always have these emo bops and can go back and listen to them whenever.

These songs were so good for their time and I constantly find myself going back to such records (This goes for many artists) but you have to accept it's 2022 and music has to move with the times.

If you don't like the new stuff, don't listen to it. Live in 2008 a little longer and jam to 'Pretty Odd' but don't spend time whinging about missing their old music. It won't change anything. Try to embrace it first before making your final judgement and keep an open mind.

The final thing I will say is: Don't be a semi-listener. I cannot stand people who only half listen to music. They will typically do this if they don't know the artist or just simply have a closed mind. If it doesn't remotely like this persons own music, they won't want to listen to it. Not cool. Don't be this person.

In general, I don't find myself jamming to anything past 2018 (With the exception of Ariana Grande's 2019 Thank U, Next album. Her best one yet) and I feel the music industry is in a bit of a slump. The Pandemic has made it difficult which is disappointing but I know it will bounce back.



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