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I had surgery, and then went to Harry Styles

I had my surgery on Monday and it went well. I sobbed when I woke up from the anaesthesia and I had no clue why, but I remember apologising to the nurse who was looking after me. She assured me it was completely normal to have this reaction. I was still severely embarrassed.

I never get nervous for the surgery itself. I don't think about dying under the anaesthesia or somebody accidentally hitting a nerve, leaving me paralysed. I only get nervous for the results, especially when the ones before have been disappointing.

Have no fear! Everything is fixed. I no longer have endometrial hyperplasia and I am so pleased. That's one less thing I can worry about.

I went to Teppanyaki. I had no idea they literally threw food at you. Like seriously toss egg and rice at you. It was so stressful watching everyone at your table go before you, it's like doing ice breakers in class and you are waiting for your turn to speak, hoping not to stutter or have your voice break.

or waiting for your name to be called on the roll. Truly traumatic.

I would for sure go again though

I live for the thrill

I live on the edge

Throw rice at me!

Who went to Harry Styles? Well it seems like everyone did. The next week is gonna be all "Did you go to Harry styles?"

"Yeah! did you?"

"Of course, He was amazing"

"Yeah he was so good".

And yes, I will be part of these conversations. I went on Friday night.

Harry is a spectacular performer and even though I didn't give his album a really good listening until the night before (Fake fan??) I really enjoyed his show and I am glad I went. I was reminded that 10 years ago, I was watching one direction perform and how life changing that night was.

Oh how I loved One direction! I cannot count the merchandise that occupied my room. The posters, bedsheets, clothes, pillows, stationary, games, books and of course the endless hours I spent on YouTube watching every single music video, interview, and their iconic X factor diaries. It was a much simpler time.

I use to film myself on my iPod nano singing to songs such as 'More than this' and 'Rock me'. I cringe to think about it. When 1D came to Australia, it was such a big deal. My Grandma cut out the pages in the newspaper that were about them and gave them to me. I stuck all of them on my bedroom walls.

My sister and I recorded their documentary: "A year in the making" I watched it religiously and I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when they had their movie 'This is us' released.

I have a massive bruise on my arm. Thats what happens when you slip on spilt drinks on the dance floor. When I say it's massive, it really is. Be careful on the dance floor, everyone!

Back to reality I suppose.



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