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Espadrilles and Vlogging

Updated: May 9

This will be a belated recap of my trip to Bowral and some other stuff I got going on.

Normally I don't make a list of what I'm going to write about but sometimes I forget and then I start typing and then lose inspiration.

Sort of like when you're writing an essay and at first you're on the right track. Everything relates to your topic and you're writing in the correct format, and then you finish. Upon re-reading it, you realise you missed the whole point and start to ramble on about an entirely irrelevant topic and you wonder "Will anyone understand what I was writing about?" I always hated essays. Side note: I have an essay due in a few weeks thats worth 40% of my grade. Yay. I am totally in love with my Public relations and Social media minor. It was the best decision I ever made.

Okay so I went to Bowral for a weekend away last week and I had a total blast! The road trip started a little rocky as we crossed the Anzac bridge three times when we weren’t supposed to cross it at all. Every cloud has its silver lining though, I got some great vlog footage of the pure panic, confusion, and rage experienced by the passengers. It was a great road trip. As we arrived at our destination, the vibes were popping off. It was so tranquil (Until me and my loud personality arrived) and the beautiful fire gave camping vibes. Of course the first thing we did was put our supply of drinks into the fridge. I fear I may have brought the most, but you know I was there to kick back, relax, and drink and isn't that what a weekend away is all about? 

I love my vlogging camera. It is so nice to capture all of these moments on something other than a phone. When we first arrived, I don’t think everybody was into the vlogging. We had some camera shy people and some others who would just tell me point blank to turn it off. It really kills the vibe but I knew everyone would eventually come around. The best part of night was indulging ourselves in neapolitan ice cream topped with an aldi version of Baileys. It was actually really nice and I might even prefer it to Baileys.

Day two was met with a morning run. I did not participate. Not only do I never run, I never run on a getaway. Seriously people there is such a thing as a ‘sleep in’ and for people who start their job at 5:30 I would've thought they would do anything for a sleep in. We then headed off for some hot beverages but before that, I received several comments and looks about my outfit. I don’t know what everyone's beef is but they seemed to find my outfit overly fancy and I just didn’t get it. I mean I know which part they considered fancy: My wedge espadrilles. I love an espadrille. They give you the height without making you look obnoxiously tall and they can really dress an outfit up or down. I chose to wear some white espadrilles as I was wearing a ‘day look’ (A look for the daytime). Well you wouldn’t believe the fuss it made. You’ve got to understand that i'm reeeeally short so I look for any shoe to give me height but I would never wear stilettos on a run. I mean we’re just talking a simple espadrille! I learnt something that day and this goes for all you espadrille wearing people. Wear the espadrille with pride!! Who cares what the occasion is? They should be worn no matter the weather and you should always be proud.

After the morning espadrille debacle, I looked forward to getting back and taking them off and prepare for the activity of the day: The winery! I love wine and I love wine tasting so it was going to be a good afternoon. Of course I decided to vlog the whole thing as I knew it was going to be eventful. Wine just does something to you. The best thing happened though, everyone really got into the vlog. The more we drank, the less camera shy everyone was and it was so great to see. People started taking over the vlog which I absolutely loved! It was so fun to go back and look at the footage captured by others and even have the camera flipped onto me. I only ever show my face in vlogs but never has someone else filmed me and it was actually kind of intimidating. I can see why others get a bit nervous being on camera.

Also I wore the espadrilles to the winery as my other shoes didn’t look good with my outfit but nobody made it a big deal anymore which was nice.

Then came Sunday, the last day. Once again a big deal was created over my choice of outfit but after the previous days shenanigans, it became white noise. That wasn’t the worst part though. Oh no as if coming after my espadrilles wasn’t enough, they decide to come for my vacuuming skills. I’m great at vacuuming okay? It was the stupid vacuum that kept me from showcasing my true abilities. 

Anyhoo we were all able to have a laugh and I was so excited to send everyone footage from my vlogs.

‘Twas a great weekend! :)


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