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Enchanted is the best Disney film. Change my mind

We all have those movies that bring us comfort. While I have a few, I'll be writing about the brilliant and timeless movie 'Enchanted ' today.

There is nothing wrong with Enchanted. Between the casting, the writing, and acting, there is not a flaw. Also, who doesn't love some Patrick Dempsey?

The movie involves a small number of songs to make it feel musical but not an actual musical if that makes sense. The movie doesn't overdo it on the singing. That's why, when they do perform a song, they can go all out. I'm talking that huge number in central park. What a performance! The choreography is beyond incredible and can we just take a moment to imagine how much hard work and organising would've gone into that. Geez Louise.

The animation into live-action was inventive and worked so well. Almost like the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy walks out the door and it turns into colour. Inspired!

So what does Enchanted have to do with what's going on with me? Well, I watched this movie (For the millionth time) yesterday and cried three times.

I have never cried during this movie before but for some reason it hit me hard. Particularly during the ballroom scene. A scene which I would like to take a second to appreciate. Absolutely everything in this scene was perfect. Lets start with costumes. Its a traditional ball where we see everyone wear what Giselle usually wears, however, she rocks up with a totally different look. I use to think Giselle's dress was so boring but now I understand. She stood out from the crowd (as she always has) but in a refreshing way.

The song that plays when Robert and Giselle are dancing is so perfect as well. It slowly fades out during the small bit of dialogue and fades back in at such an emotional part as we see Giselle and Edward ascend the staircase. The movie is so much deeper than I realised.

I love that we can see the devastation on both Edwards and Nancy's faces as they twirl around the room. Edward was the 'dumb' character of the movie and to see him with genuine disappointment and emotion on his face really triggers the tears.

And that camerawork is so satisfying and clean, going directly from Giselle and Robert, to Edward and Nancy in one smooth take. Divine, absolutely divine.

I love that there was little dialogue in this scene. We didn't need a big speech. Just think of Giselle and Robert having a heart-to-heart chat in the middle of the dance floor. Ew that's something you would see in a teen film where the jock tells the nerd he loves her and he should've known all along blah blah blah. I do love those films though.

Can you Imagine watching the one you love, fall in love with someone else? That would crush every bit of my soul. As a child, it didn't really matter to me that Edward and Nancy were losing the person they believed to be 'the one'. I only cared about Giselle and Robert finding happiness with each other.

Now as an adult, I can appreciate the hurt they would feel. Poor Edward went to great lengths to find Giselle. Its difficult because Giselle was lying to herself so Edward wasn't able to see the connection between Giselle and Robert until the ball. It would be a major punch in the stomach.

Let me cap off with writing about Robert singing along to the song. He said he didn't sing, he said he didn't dance and yet here he is, doing both with Giselle. Truly beautiful.

Aside from this scene, Edward actually cracks me up. Every time he sings a solo acapella rendition of 'True loves kiss' I lose it.

The comedic elements are underrated and I will always love the chaos when Giselle meets Nancy for the first time.

I promise I am not one of those obnoxious, condescending people who ruin movies by over analysing and ruining it for everyone else. There are reasons why you love a film, these are just some of my reasons. and yes I am aware I only really talked about one scene. If I wrote about the whole film, you'd be reading this until the crack of sparrows.

Enchanted is so nostalgic for me and I have such fond memories with it. My sister and I watched it over and over on our trip to Dubbo in 2009. I'll never forget it.

This is probably one of the most boring blog posts you'll read but my goodness, I have loved writing it.

Now I am not 100% sure but I think there is a comment section with these posts. If you find one, share your opinions about this classic film.



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