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Are they really the villains?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

I've seen various posts on social media about people in movies that we thought were the "villains" are actually the good guys. This annoys me. I disagree with a lot of these opinions, and I thought I could elaborate on why.

The one that I see most often is none other than Sharpay Evans from the high school musical franchise, specifically High school musical 2. People are like "She's not the villain she was helping Troy with his future while Gabriella was just sobbing for the whole movie" Um what?. Let me make something very clear for all of you who share this opinion. Everyone is overthinking this. There was a reason why we didn't like her when we were 7 years old and the same reason still stands! Sharpay had one thing on her mind: Having Troy to herself. In order to achieve her goal she manipulated, lied, and focused on tearing Troy and Gabriella apart. That is a terrible person!

She didn't care about Troys future. She only cared about being with him. She manipulated Troy into promising he would sing with her in the talent show by providing him all of these wonderful opportunities. If he said "No I don't want to" it would be like somebody granting all of your wishes and giving them absolutely nothing in return. That would make Troy a bad person and yes, don't get me wrong I do believe that Troy was not a particularly good person throughout this movie either. So to sum up: Listen to that 7 year old self and remember that Sharpay is a truly nasty character who only looks out for herself with the very rare "share the stage" moment.

At the end of the day, I think we can all agree every character in that film could've behaved better and made smarter decisions.

The next one is Professor Severus Snape from the Harry Potter films/books. Audience members will claim that he was misunderstood and that he was a good guy. If you agree with this statement, please raise your hand, and solemnly swear to never open your mouth again you ignorant idiots. What an awful person snape was! He bullied an 11 year old kid because of his ridiculous vendetta against his father. His dead father. His father who encountered a dreadful passing. Grow up for goodness sake! I mean come on Snape, move on!!

Can you imagine being belittled constantly by a teacher? Being awfully compared to your father who you barely knew? That's mean behaviour.

Snape had issues. His attachment issues resemble those of a serial killer's. You know the possessive type. He was so crazily obsessed with Lily it was low key creepy.

Snape had his moments of protecting Harry but someone really needed to protect Harry from Snape. It was nice of Snape though to give him some private lessons in Order of the phoenix despite his harsh and somewhat violent teaching methods. He also came to their rescue in Prisoner of Azkaban but people are like "Wooo Snape is actually a good person yay" for what?! doing his job??! calm down folks.

Nobody was perfect in this franchise and by no stretch was harry perfect. He made plenty of dumb decisions. However, I'm here to talk about Snape and I have said my piece.

In saying all of this, of course there are characters that I once viewed as a 'Villian' that I've changed my mind about. Don't take my attitude as 'negative' just take it as 'passionate'.

I'm sure plenty of people will disagree with my opinion which is fine. We can just agree to disagree.

I hope my words give you something to think about and debate.



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